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What is aus LICHT?

aus LICHT is a compilation of key sections of Karlheinz Stockhausen's Licht cycle. From the whole work's 29 hours of music, this production will feature a selection of 15 hours performed over three days. Effectively, it is a condensed version of Stockhausen's complete tonal universe.

aus LICHT is also the first attempt ever to weave together parts of the twentieth century's most challenging operatic work in a presentation that captures the energy of the whole cycle.

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Why is aus LICHT being produced?

  • To stage the musical theatre experience as Stockhausen intended and allow audiences to experience the whole tonal universe of LICHT.
  • To preserve and pass on this piece of musical heritage to a new generation.
  • As a platform for talent development. The Royal Conservatoire The Hague is running a two-year MA programme to train sound engineers, vocalists and instrumentalists to perform in aus LICHT as soloists or ensemble members.
  • Stockhausen envisioned the cycle as seven operas for the seven days of the week, which he intended to be experienced as such. All of the operas have been performed singly, but this is the first time that audiences will have the chance to see key scenes and spellbinding moments from all seven operas in a unified cycle.

When and where will aus LICHT be performed?

From 31 May to 10 June 2019 at Gashouder at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.

When and where can I buy tickets?

Check out this page for more information.

How much will tickets cost?

Check out this page for more information.

Will it be possible to purchase tickets for the complete cycle?

Yes, package tickets will be available for the full production of aus LICHT. Check out this page for more information.

Will there be discount tickets?

No, discount tickets will not be available for aus LICHT.

Can I buy tickets for individual performances?

Tickets for individual performances will be available, but we recommend attending all three performances to get the full experience.

Will there be surtitles?

No, there will not be surtitles.

Will there be reserved seating?

No, there will be no reserved seats.

Will food and drink be available?

There are numerous restaurants and cafés in the vicinity. We also offer catering arrangements for part 2 and 3.  

Should I prepare for the performance in advance?

There is no need to prepare for the performance, but it can certainly enhance your experience. In the run-up to aus LICHT you'll be able to find articles, videos and playlists on this website.

Is aus LICHT suitable for children?

Most of the scenes are long and call for attentive listening. Therefore, we advise not to bring children under the age of 12 years.

Will there be intermissions?

Yes, we will have intermissions. The precise number has not yet been determined.

Will it be possible to leave the venue briefly during the performance?

During some scenes the audience will be free to come and go; during others you will be expected to remain seated.

Is there a hotel near the venue Gashouder?

WestCord Art Hotel is just 10 minutes walking away from the Gashouder. Book online, and get 10% discount. 

What will happen to the production after 2019?

Our ambition is to take a version of aus LICHT on tour. Details about this will be announced on the website as soon as we know more.

What else will be on during the marathon?

A programme of lectures, introductions, parties and other activities is being organised in conjunction with aus LICHT. Details of the programme will be announced on the website as soon as we know more.

Will there be a live stream of the marathon?

We hope to broadcast the marathon to be viewed around the world, but these plans are still in the works.

Will a DVD recording of aus LICHT be available?

We are currently looking into this possibility.

Is it true that the performance will include helicopters in flight?

Yes, it will include four helicopters in flight. The necessary permits have been obtained.

How can I get the latest news about aus LICHT?

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Who are involved in the creation of aus LICHT?

  • Dutch National Opera
  • Royal Conservatoire The Hague
  • Holland Festival
  • Stockhausen Foundation
  • Stichting aus LICHT (fundraising and sponsoring foundation)
  • Westergasfabriek BV 
  • Other sponsors

Can I support aus LICHT?

Yes, we would welcome your support. Please click here to learn more about donation options.